Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Gardening

I love late fall when the holidays are approaching and summer seems distant.  Life slows down from the summer busyness and fall clean up, so I shift my thoughts to decorating for the holidays.  I have a few customers that like the look of natural greens for decorating, which is what I love also, so I make some of my own creations for them to hang on their doors or where ever they want them.

This wreath was for a large piece of granite in the entry way
of a fence.
When I collect greens, I store them outside in the shade.  The days are cool in late November but the sun can still get pretty warm and dry the greens up fast.  I cover them with a tarp so if it snows or rains, I don't have work with the greens when they're wet.  I found the quality of the wreath frames are important when making wreaths.  The good ones hold the greens and don't bend when full.  The ribbons for bow making are also important when it comes to making full puffy bows.  It's easiest to make bows that have wired edges.

A variety of greens, when assembling a wreath, gives way to more of a three dimensional look.  It doesn't take many varieties to make the wreath interesting, it's where you place them that makes the difference.  In the wreath pictured here, there is hemlock, white pine, holly, winterberry, cedar, and spruce.

If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, look everywhere around your property for what ever you can use.  I cut some Witch Hazel and birch branches and implemented them with some of my designs. The three dimensional look was very satisfying.

Until next time:  My wish for you is to have a healthy and happy year ahead.  May the holidays, which ever ones you celebrate, bring you love, happiness, and peace of mind.  See you next year!