Sunday, November 12, 2017

Winter is Coming

November 12, 2017:  We worked at the Healing Garden for a little while today.  We've had a little dry spell, so we, Bud and I, thought we would get some grading done on the hill.  Bud picked up a few more donated bales of hay from Nate O'Neil in Woodbury.  We've been using hay as a barrier for erosion control, it works pretty well. 

Some topsoil was moved to the center of the garden and grading was done on the hill, but not in it's entirety.  It was still pretty muddy in sections, so those areas need to dry out more before grading can be completed.

The garden doesn't look as good as it did in past weeks.  The leaves are falling from the oaks and making a mess everywhere.  This bothers me a little.  I know it's a construction site, but I really want it to look nice for people that come to see the progress.  I keep imagining what it's going to look like when it's done; I see green grass, the flowers blooming and the trees planted.  I see the new fence in and benches all in place.  I'll keep those images in my head and hope that others see that it's a work in progress when they visit.  It would break my heart to hear anyone complain at this point.

Here's what I mean by it just doesn't look so nice. Winter is on the way.

This is the hill and the overlook area that needs grading but too wet to do all at once.
On the flip side, despite the weather and the cold, the grass seed that we had such a hard time keeping down, is coming in.  It will not be a lush grass at this point but a few more good days of cool weather and warm sun should help those seeds germinate.  When grass seed freezes it doesn't germinate as well as if it were fresh. It will come up though, and it should look nice by May.

There are going to be a few more nice days of weather and I hope to take advantage of it.  I will be working on other projects for next year this week, but I'm hoping to spend a little more time at the Healing Garden.

Until next time: Patience is sometimes hard to come by when your excited about getting something done.  I need to remind myself that everything will happen as it should.  So until we meet again, I wish for you, patience.  And hope you and I have the patience we need to make what we love to do - perfect.